Grade 7

Grade 7

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Disley Private School’s Lower Secondary follows the Cambridge International curriculum aimed at students aged 11 to 14. We offer subjects that allow learners to explore every aspect of the world in a modern and innovative way.

We are passionate about inspiring learners and encouraging them towards realizing their individual potential through professional education and meticulous attention to their progress.

Our students are taught English, Mathematics, Arabic, Arts, Social Studies, Islamic, Science, ICT, PE, Music and Global Perspectives.

We believe that learning should be fun. We value helping and rewarding learners on this journey. Lower secondary students are expected to seize newer opportunities to challenge themselves and are encouraged to celebrate their interests and achievements.

Our students benefit from learning outside the classroom by participating in field trips in Social Studies and science.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint test was developed to evaluate learners at the end of the Cambridge Lower Secondary. Available in English, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, and Science, it provides valuable feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses before moving on to the next level of education. The test provides an external measure of student grades. Our 9th grade students take the test series every May.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint Program develops Math, English and Science skills and knowledge.  Benefits to students in the following ways:

1. Allow teachers to assess learning progress.

2.  Develop their global outlook and equip them for success in the modern world.

3. Preparation for IGCSE / International GCSE to develop their global perspective and equip them to succeed in the modern world.