Grade 3

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In Grade 3 there is an emphasis on pupils developing their key skills in numeracy and literacy. Such key skills include joined handwriting, a secure knowledge of phonics and spelling patterns, instant recall of multiplication facts and a full understanding of place value in large numbers. With these skills in place, children are ready to apply their knowledge in more challenging learning situations.


We take pride in a curriculum that enables our students go through series of ongoing assessment to ensure that their progress and developments are continuous and meet up with the predetermined standards as well as providing appropriate support as required. We encourage our students to think independently, use their initiative and participate in a meaningful and active manner in the learning process. Topics are taught by approaching and focusing on developing resourceful learners. We groom well motivated students by building on their intrinsic abilities in order for them to learn and to always strive to do their best.

Our students are prepared to develop an innate curiosity about the beautiful world around them. We help them to understand that ‘getting things wrong’ is actually good! As it is a step towards getting it right, this keeps them motivated and challenged. However, we appreciate the importance of helping them to develop resilience as they also need to learn to keep going, even when they find things difficult. Grade 3 offers a happy, friendly and safe environment where children are confident and enjoy learning.