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Final Ceremony Disley Private School 2022/2023 Academic Year

Disley Private School Campus View

Disley Private School is an Active School

Disley Private School offers a broad, balanced and differentiated full time on campus programme operating within the framework of Ministry of Education combined with Cambridge International Curriculum.


Cambridge Assessment

Collaboratively guided by one of the best academic institutions in the world

A curriculum used by many schools worldwide, known for its reliable assessment system and a rich variety of resources. Hence, at DPS we encourage the holistic development of the child, including physical education, arts, and music.

What People say about us

We are proud of the existence of a leading educational institution in the province of Suwaiq, such as the Disley private school.
The school curriculum is based on constructive, informational and educational approach, which are the foundations of modern teachings.In addition,the school developed strong communication between the school and the families creating Disley to be one of the distinguished private schools in the country.
Thank you Disley!

Mr.Faisal Salim Said Alsaadi

Ameera's & Aseela's Father


Knowledge is the real weapon that we must acquire to face the future and all its struggles and difficulties, and the best investment is to equip with education. Disleyhas provided the appropriate environment for that.

Thank you

Mr.Salah Mohamed AlBaraidei.

Mohamed's Father

Thanks to Disley School!
I am happy with my daughter’sall-around improvement in her knowledge and attentiveness to things.
As a first grader in Disley, we have noticed a tremendous change in her skills. We appreciate the lessons that were provided online as well as the summer lessons program. These helped a lot.
We have noticed in our daughter’s an attachment and love for the school and her teachers; which we were aspiring for.
Wishing more success for Disley.

Mrs. Thuraiya AlRushaidi

Sarah's Mother

I am delighted to send my thanks and appreciation to Disley staff for their efforts, concern, eagerness for follow-up with the students and continuous improvement of the organisation. My son, Nawaf received adequate care and attention from the teachers who employed excellent teaching methodologies. All of these developed in him a love for learning and going to school, which reflected positively on his educational level and achievement.I also commend the facilities the school has providedand the use of smart apps for lessons, activities as well as organizing of different competitions. They also made use of electronic facilities for bus tracking system as well as electronic payment.

Mr.Walled Sabayah Moosa AlNofli

Nawaf's Father

Thanks for everyone the Teachers, the management and helpful Staff.
We appreciate your great effort helping out kids to enjoy learning and 
having good time at school.
Wish you continued success and progress.

Dr.Wafaa Elsabary

Ahmed's & Joudi's Mother

My child studied in Disley for 02 years..were amazing years..She loves the school & her teachers. She is doing great..The school staff are very cooperative & they respond very quickly to our concerns. Thank you very much.

Dr.Amna Mahjoub

Haneen's mom

At Disley Private School

 We are passionate and committed to ensuring each child reaches their full potential. Disley creates a caring and supportive environment that allows students to take responsibility for their own learning.This encourages them to become masters of their own learning, and develops a sense of achievement and pride in their education.


 Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why should I send my child to Disley private school?

We are passionate in providing the best opportunity for the kids to develop real confidence and belief in themselves. School like at Disley is based on a closed partnership between staff, parents and students to promote the strength of family life, promote responsibility and be global citizens in the making.

2. As a parent, how can I get involved in my kid’s learning?

We encourage parents to get involved in various ways from attending parent-teachers meeting to the use of our Parent App. All the information about the school, its school calendar, exam schedules and circulars are all accessible through our user-friendly App.

3. How do I register?

As Disley Private School is the only Cambridge accredited bilingual school in Al Suwaiq, there is a demand to enrol in our school. We would like to accommodate as many students as we can, so we urge parents to apply for their child’s place at the earliest time possible using our online portal.

4. What security measures are in place to keep my child safe?

The welfare and safety of our students is paramount to us. We employ a security guard to maintain the gates and we have teacher assistants especially in Kindergarten and break time duty of teachers for primary students – who work around the clock to ensure that students are looked after. All our staff operate a swipe card to prevent any unauthorised use of the lift and all our staff members wear an identifying school ID. Traffic is kept to a minimum and there are security barriers which prevents children from going out of the school premises.

5. What extra-curricular activities do you offer?

We want all our students, whatever their ability to enjoy their life beyond the classroom. We have a yearly planned school activity that involved academic, sporting, music and arts excellence. We also offer our students an array of clubs and many other extra-curricular activities led by our dedicated teachers and school staff.

6. Is there a school bus service?

Parents are welcome to bring their children directly to the school. Our staff will welcome you to the school and bring your children to and from their classes. There are designated school buses with bus attendants that bring your children to and from your homes. Our services are highly affordable and parents have the flexibility to choose from one way or return service.

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Telephone +96826960066 / +96826860022
Whatsapp +968 96555525
Mail info@disleyschool.com

AddressPost Box – 304
Postal Code – 315
Suwaiq, Al Batinah
Sultanate of Oman