Grade 1 

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At Disley Private School, we build on our students’ skills by encouraging independent learning during Key Stage 1 which comprises Grades 1 and 2. It is important for us that students acquire the tools to become responsible for their own learning as well as the abilities to work collaboratively within a group. Grade 1 enjoys a combination of play and content-based learning that leads to self-discovery by experiencing joy during different activities. This is made possible by our highly motivated teachers that encourage students to always try their best. Developing students that are open minded, persistent and resilient are also of the utmost importance during this phase. Grade 1 students are inquisitive and excited to learn new things every day, they are able to express themselves through their work and can easily accept that making mistakes is part of the learning process.

The curriculum 

Key Stage 1 represents the first two years of the primary phase: Grades 1 and 2. At this crucial stage, the children are taught a well-thought-out combined curriculum aimed at creating self-motivated, respectful, responsible, resilient and curious students. They are first introduced to Cambridge subjects namely English, Science and Math’s combined with the many subjects included in the Ministry of Education’s National Curriculum such as ICT, Arabic, Islamic, Music/Arts and Physical Education (PE). The curricula encourage active learners that is supported by professional and highly qualified staff.