Disley Canteen

The cafeteria is one of the areas that help maintain a student’s healthy well-being while at school. It is where students find healthy food options one needs throughout the day. When a cafeteria contains delicious and nutritious options, it helps dissuade the students from bringing or buying unhealthy snacks from outside the school. 
Disley Private School is passionate about providing a safe and healthy environment for students by providing delicious, wholesome and healthy breakfast rich in vitamins and nutrients recommended by food experts. These meals are varied and the school ensures that these are made fresh every day. We are committed to reviewing the food selection to ensure that they meet safety guidelines and nutritional requirements of school children.  
The school also puts a lot of careful planning for students who have special needs like food allergies and intolerance.
Disley Private School students have the option to buy breakfast the school provides or bring food from home, taking into account their own health conditions