Required documents for registration: Disley Private School (bilingual)
Documents required for new registration.
  1. Student’s birth certificate copy (Please show original)
  2. Student’s passport copy (Please show original)
  3. Father’s passport and ID card copy. (Please show original)
  4. Mother’s passport and ID card copy. (Please show original)
  5. 6 photos of student with the white background size of 4×6.
  6. A copy of the vaccination card + the medical report for student’s Grade 1.
  7. A copy of residence ID card for foreign student (expatriates’ student)
  8. A copy of valid visa (expatriates’ student) + a copy of father’s visa.
Documents required for transferees
  1. Transfer the student through The Educational Portal from the previous school
    (Unacceptable without transfer paper)
  2. A copy of last academic certificate (If any)
Documents required for students transferred from outside the Sultanate (grades 2-3)
  1. The certificate of study shall be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign
    Affairs from their home country, Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman.
  2. . Transfer letter from the Ministry of Education (General Directorate of
    Private Schools – Student Affairs Department)

The guardian shall provide the required student documents within seven
days from the date of signing the contract
Registration, as described in the contract) V. Item No. 1.