grade 2

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At Disley Private School, we build on our students’ skills by encouraging independent learning during Key Stage 1 which comprises Grades 1 and 2. In Grade 2 we use a topic-based approach that aims to create resourceful learners that are motivated to strive for excellence. Students are able to work together; they form respectful relationships within groups and are able to complete tasks successfully. We aim to create self-motivated learners that strive for excellence with the understanding that making mistakes is part of the learning process Our Key Stage 1 learners are able to make respectful contribution to an engaging classroom.

The curriculum

Key Stage 1 represents the first two years of the primary phase: Grades 1 and 2. At this crucial stage, the children are taught a well-thought-out combined curriculum aimed at creating self-motivated, respectful, responsible, resilient and curious students. They are introduced to , or familiar with  ,the  Cambridge subjects namely English, Science and Maths combined with the many subjects included in the Ministry of Education’s National Curriculum such as ICT, Arabic, Islamic, Music/Arts and Physical Education (PE). The curriculum encourages active learners that are supported by professional and highly qualified staff.